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Comfort Firmware 7.031, 7.032
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 Posted: Friday Aug 30th, 2013 06:59 am
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Comfort Firmware 7.031
  1. Improve handling of u? Reply to prevent false u?000000 reply for Scanning Modules. That caused Comfigurator to give false result that Version of Module is unknown
  2. DSP Flash Write Protect ( applicable for new DSP hardware only)
Comfort Firmware 7.032
  1. Fixed SCS Flashing LED problem
Known Bugs
  1. Full Vocabulary Upgrade stops at Sentence  Upgrade with the Error Code 29, see Workaround is to do a Sentence Upgrade
  2. For OPT and SPC Do Response does not return to do next action.
  3. Action 149,0, constant add to last value did not work from 6/2/12
  4. when disarm during tamper, causes low battery report instead of tamper trouble report
  5. when UCM lost comms but not lost power (remove KAKB not 12V) and is connected again so id  comms is restored,  module does not report 7DH (not reset) so u? reports FFFFFF and comfigurator has status still as "not found" for the module that has recovered. F

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