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Comfort Firmware 6.028
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 Posted: Saturday Sep 22nd, 2012 04:03 am
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Bugs Fixed
  1. Event Log Announcements were wrong in 6.027
  1. There can be more than 1 Copy Counter Action  in a Response. Previously the Copy Counter Action terminated the Response, ie it had to be the last action in the Response.
Known Bugs
  1. If LEM 1st zone eg Zone 9 is declared a Virtual Input, it causes all other zones on the LEM ie 10 to 16 to have Zone Trouble IF the physical LEM is installed. This applies to LEMs connnected to SEMs as well
  2. Mutliply action does not work
  3. F Key need code does not trigger Response when Enter Key is used inst of # key (Apps)
  4. Dial out if line has no dial tone & dont wait for dial tone is set , system always dials by GSM, it should dial by phone line from 5.210
  5. Reminder Enable function does not work for Reminder Numbers 9 to 16. Reminder Enables for 9 to 16 are the same as Reminder 1 to 8. This affects Scheduled Reminders only.
Please download firmware file from

Note that products may not come with the latest firmware when bought from distributors. Please check the website or forum for the latest firmware and upgrades

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