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Comfort Firmware 6.005
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 Posted: Saturday Aug 13th, 2011 05:08 am
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Changes to Firmware 6.005 (from 5.217)
ULt 6.005 can be downloaded from

Pre-release means the firmware is available for upgrade using the UCM before it may be available in new Comfort systems

This is a very important release as it allows for its own firmware as well as other modules to be upgraded over the Comfort Bus.  A tutorial post will ve created to show how this is done

  • Fixed BUG Omit action 108 has no effect
  • Upgrade Comfort by Comfort Bus function is implemented. This allows Comfort firmware as well as SEM and "external" UCMs (Cbus, KNX, GSM, Velbus, Universal etc) to be upgraded over the Comfort Bus
  • UCM Query command cmggcc when feedback is zone returns FF value for on and trouble states, before used to return 1 for on, 2 and 3 for trouble which caused iPhone app to display wrong value for Control Menu zone status
  • M! or m! with login command by UCM will now  report user code who armed /disarmed.
  • Remote arming by M!  has been redefined from auto-arm to Remote arming, so that  M!01 remote arm to away mode  does not require exit
  • Arm  by gsm (1,1)  to (1,3) wil report user SMS (95)  instead of code_resp (91)
  • GSM SMS for alarm will translate user 90 = KP, 91 = RESP, 95 = SMS
  • GSM SMS for alarm will not  show alarm number, not needed, as it causes clutter which is not useful to user
  • Time change for Daylight saving change from 3 AM to 2 AM to follow EU practice
  • Max zones can be increased to 96 for FS34
  • DT Date/Time command includes Daylight Saving field 01 if Daylight saving is on, 00 if off
  • Download text to KP04 extended for event IDs 33 to 64
  • Number table 4 word  115 Select phone and # key up to 16 phones for SMSwatch  Requires vocab  35
  • Able to upgrade firmware  via Comfort Bus using Comfigurator 3.3.x
  • When dialing to CMS by UCM/GSM, and CMS hangs up, GSM detects hang up and counts it as a call attempt. Fixed BUG did not detect hangup before
  • Zone trouble for inactive zone for alarm , report AM zone trouble to UCM
  • Added action 118 reset ID, send  reset to any ID
  • Unbypass Zone reports zone in sms not the ID
  • SMS reports  ID name instead of number eg KP#1, DP#2, Ucm #8 trouble and restore
  • UCM commands  E?FFFE means previous event. E?FFFD means previous day E?FFFC means next day
Known Issues

  • UCM/GSM - if initial report from GSM is No network eg SIM card not inserted, an SMS trouble is not reported in the Event Log

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 Posted: Monday Oct 31st, 2011 06:38 am
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Hi Chiu,

From this statement : Max zones can be increased to 96 for FS34

So this increase is consider there will be additional 2 more set SEMs & LEMs can be include into the system?

Existing 64 is :
Ultra Mainboard & LEM
ID = 33 (SEM & LEM)
ID = 34 (SEM & LEM)
ID = 35 (SEM & LEM)

Increase to 96 is :
ID = 36 (SEM & LEM)
ID = 37 (SEM & LEM)

Correct me if i am wrong.



 Posted: Tuesday Nov 1st, 2011 06:32 am
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Joined: Wednesday Aug 9th, 2006
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Comfigurator is able to handle 96 zones. Comfort firmware to handle that has not been released yet. A future firmware upgrade will allow for 96 zones

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