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Slave Firmware for Comfort II up to 5.163
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 Posted: Sunday Oct 19th, 2008 03:38 am
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SEM 5.139 and above are Flash based, not OTP (One time  Programmable) so the firmware can be upgraded using the UCM05 and Comfigurator. Firmware upgrades can be found on

Version 5.163 (1 February 2009)

  • Always add terminator FF to IR code in case the code does not have terminator
  • Fixed problem with modified OP1 (added 10nf capacitor filer) where output 1 of slave will go on and off of any other output on the slave goes on and off
  • u?2x UCM command will work for Slave version and info

Version 5.139 29 June 2008

  1. SEM 5.139 is a Flash-based firmware on MPU or onboard.
  2. Supports Configuration Flag "Detect Battery Disconnected" in Comfigurator 3 (Unused Bit 4 in Comfigurator 2.2.3). Slave will not report its battery disconnected if the flag is unchecked and vice versa.
  3. Increased receive buffer size for RS485 from 96 to 127 bytes
  4. When no RS485 messages are received from Comfort for 9 seconds red led flashes. When messages are received but not for its own id 3 seconds green led flashes (ID shunts and Number of Slaves incorrect). Hence if no communcations are received for 9 secs both red and green will flash.
  5. Number of IR, X10 and output commands in the output queue is increased from 16 to 32
  6. The RESET Outputs command is queued in the output buffer in sequence with other Output, IR and X10 commands
  7. Detection of no battery on the slave is improved to allow more reliable detection even with low current drain on the slave even without LEM on the slave
  8. Allow OP1 (Output plug-in modules on the SEM) with filter modification to work. The OP1 modification prevents outputs being changed when other outputs switch mains current through relays

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 Posted: Sunday May 17th, 2009 02:11 pm
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SEM Firmware 5.163 added above

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