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Arm Failure - Zone is recorded in Event Log
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 Posted: Sunday May 16th, 2010 03:07 am
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From Firmware 5.183,  see forum at the zone causing an Arm Failure is recorded in the Event Log, immediaitely before the Arm Failure Event

For example, for arming to Away Mode

05/09  05:26 Sign in - User #, 1
05/09  05:26 Sign in - User #, 1
05/09  05:26 Mode Change #Security Off
05/28  08:30 Zone Activation # FrontDoor (1)
05/09  08:30 Alarm Type #ARMFAILURE (4)
05/09  08:30 Sign in - User #, 1
05/09  08:30 Alarm Type #ALARMERASED (20)
05/09  08:30 Sign in - User #, 1

The event (shown in bold) showing Front door is open at the time of Arm Fail means that the Front Door was not closed, hence causing Arm Failure.

Note that a noot uncommon problem for magnetic contacts for doors and windows is the deterioration of magnetic force over time, or the misalignemnt between magnets, or the increases in resistance of wire resistance over time leading to incorrect detection of opening and closing

If another zone is recorded instead of the Entry door, it means that after the Entry door was opened  and closed, that zone was detected open in the 6 seconds prior to final arming

If No Zone is recorded, it means that NO zone was found open at arm failure, ie the Exit Time timed out. The only reason for this would be that the Entry door was not even opened, hence  the exit time timed out.

For arming to Night and Day Modes, a zone is always recorded for arm failure, as the system waits for all zones to be closed in order to arm, and does not wait for the Entry door to open as in Away Arming

This is a great help  to identify the cause of an Arm Failure

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