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Arming Trouble with Fast beeps but no Zone announced
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 Posted: Tuesday Aug 5th, 2008 01:51 pm
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A integrator had a problem on site with a new Comfort system. He tried to arm, and got the fast beeps indicating some active zone was open preventing the system from arming. Normally the zone would be announced repeatedly, eg "Kitchen Window" and the zone would be displayed on the LCD as well.
However there was no announcement, just the beeping.

On investigation of the ccl file which was kindly provided, it was found that the cause of the problem was in NonDetector Alarms the Tamper alarm was set to Null or no alarm, see the picture attached. This means that any Tamper alarm is NOT detected  or announced by Comfort (even though it causes a trouble when arming). This includes tamper alarms from Slaves as well as keypads and door stations are also NOT detected.

The integrator changed this setting (temporarily) because of the location of the Comfort enclosure caused it to be difficult to access.
We must point out that in such a situation, you can temporarily short the Tamper input on Comfort (or slaves if needed) There is no need to set the Non Detector Tamper alarm to 0.

Also please note that Tamper alarm means an alarm caused by opening of the dedicated Tamper inputs of the main panel, Slave, keypad , door station, or Fingerprint Reader. Zone Trouble is NOT a tamper alarm - Zone Trouble means a double EOL zone which is shorted or open circuit (cut), and has its own Non Detector Alarm Setting as you can see from the picture

In such situations when you encounter weird behaviour, it is a good idea to use a Default Template (from File > New) which has zone 1 programmed as Front Door Entry zone. This often shows if the problem was caused by something that was changed in the configuration

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