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The EEPROM data is invalid
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 Posted: Wednesday May 8th, 2019 02:46 pm
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Firstly thanks to slychui for sending me a replacement daughterboard. That didn't solve the problem. (Would you like me to send it back?)
After playing around in my mind I had a thought. I have a couple of z-wave modules that are not in use. They are for a project not yet started. They are registered on the z-wave network.
When I scan the z-wave network with the primary controller it simply says that the nodes are not available.
I wired up the nodes and did a learn from Comfort and it worked straight away!
I understand that when Comfort learns it does a scan of the network. My hypothesis is that when Comfort is scanning it hangs if it doesn't find a node.

 Posted: Saturday May 11th, 2019 05:32 am
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I am glad you figured it out
My hypothesis is that when Comfort is scanning it hangs if it doesn't find a node.

That is not correct. UCM/Zwave will attempt to contact all nodes, but if any node does not reply, it will give up after a while. When the number of nodes is very large that may take a long time. So all nodes should be on line when doing a learn. There may be difefrent alternative network routes thatn are used to attempt to contact the nodes

Zwave is a complex system especialy for 3rd party secondary controllers. because it depends a lot on how the primary controller mages the network.

Could you send the module by post please
Cytech Technology Pte Ltd55 Ubi avenue 1 #07-04Singapore 408935
Ther module that we use has been obsoleted so we will not be sellong Zwave for much longer

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