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UCM/GSM4 Faqs and Common Problems
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 Posted: Thursday Jul 16th, 2015 07:27 am
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When you receive a message from UCM/GSM 4,  the Zone Name, Alarm Name or Control Menu is empty or is different from what you had programmed in Comfigurator.

Open your programming file, go to UCM/GSM 4, find out "Load Default Value", this copies the default values from Comfort and clears the current GSM4 configuration. This copies zone name, alarm name, and control menu from Comfort configuration to GSM4

If you try to send a message to UCM/GSM 4  you receive the help menu but the command is not carried out.  Below are possible causes.

The SMS message to UCM/GSM4 should include the brackets For example, you should send "(4)" to access to control menu rather than "4".

Open your programming, go to security, phone numbers and check the authorisation of your phone number. Does this phone number allow "SMS Control" or "Arm/Disarm"

Sending SMS to control Menu eg (4001) successfully carries out the command but the reply is blank.
This is because the Control Group Text is Blank. The Control Group text must be present even if you only have 1 group

If one phone number is linked to more than 1 Comfort and UCM/GSM 4, when you receive an alarm message, how to tell which system caused the  trouble/alarm?

You may type in the location name in "SMS Alphanumeric ID", this text will come together with alarm information. For example "20:56 Cytech Technology SystemArmed-Martin"

Alternatively, you also can record an alarm message on keypad, when you answer the phone call, this message will be played in the phone. In user menu, press 9 for Program Menu, press 3 for Security, press 5 for Alarm Message.

The new  "Customized message" feature allows you to send any message via  Response. Look through the manual here (Page 11- 12).

Do not use the Zone OFF Response to send Customised SMS message when the zone  is restored, if the Comfort firmware is 7.078 or below, as this might lead to spurious Zone Restore messages. You should use the Zone Restore checkbox to send Alarm Restore SMS when the zone is restored.

Send SMS to overseas phone numbers by entering  "+" key followed by the country code, area code and number eg  "+6512345678" 00 is the international access code (example, may be different for each country), 65 is the Country code for Singapore and the remaining numbers is the phone number.  Requires Comfigurator 3.10.x

Sending SMS Commands to UCM/GSM works but there is no reply
The SIM Card has run out of money. It can accept SMS but will not send SMS

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