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Homes that click
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 Posted: Sunday Apr 26th, 2009 02:28 am
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Smart homes needn't be restricted to smart security alone. There's a lot more people are doing with technology.
Abhijeet Barua, a Mumbai-based, independent ad filmmaker, believes that his recent investment of Rs 57,000 to get his flat automated will go a long way. “I can drive to work without getting overwrought about whether I’ve locked the doors and windows. My entire home locks itself within three seconds of closing the front door,” he points out. Barua also takes pride in showing off other equipment that switches on room lights or draws the blinds and such — all at the flick of a button. “My home is now the weekend adda for my buddies who just love to spend time here,” he grins.
His friend Joshua, a graphic designer and animator, has also installed a door station. “This is a solution that dials up home phones whenever a visitor presses the doorbell and even allows you to talk to the visitor over the phone,” he explains. Joshua often has friends over for get-togethers and he has chosen to install the feature so that he can let open his home’s doors for friends and the domestic staff — even when he is away from the house — through a remote. Although the system cost him Rs 32,000, exclusive of installation charges, Joshua says the expenditure is worth it.
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