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"UCM located further..."
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 Posted: Wednesday Jun 14th, 2017 05:08 am
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On reading the instructions for my newly acquired UCM/USB:
Page 5 of ucmman state "...up to 100 meters, use a cable with 3 twisted pairs. 12V/GND, KA/KB are to be paired with one pair as spare"
I'd like to confirm how these connections should be made.
As I read it (admittedly late at night :()
  1. 12V&KA are linked - at both ends?
  2. GND&KB are linked - at both ends?
    and the third pair are
  3. A & B which are connected respectively at each end
Somehow I feel this isn't right and I'd prefer to ask dim newbie question rather than 'fry' something!
Is there a pic' somewhere that will help me.

Is there any reason why I cannot have RJ45 plugs and sockets in the line, this will allow me to extend a redundant cat5e cable already under the floor which at the moment does not quite reach.
The total run between the UCM and Comfort will be no more than 8 meters.
Thank you

 Posted: Wednesday Jun 14th, 2017 07:07 am
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12V and GND should be paired and KA/KB should be paired, and connected at both ends

the spare pair need not be connected

There should be no problem in using RJ45 plugs and sockets

If your UCM/USB is extended to 8 meters to connect to your computer, it may be more convenient to use UCM/ETH03 conencted to your network so your computer with wifi esepcailly a laptop can access from anywhere. If you have a fixed desktop, then USB may be better

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