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UCM ID setting by Button
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 Posted: Monday Jun 17th, 2013 10:31 am
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From UCM 6.080 onwards, the UCM ID (1 to 8) can be set using the COPY button
All UCMs (ETH02, USB and RS232 Interfaces)  will come with the COPY button and a U2 EEPROM soldered in.
This also applies to external interface UCMs like UCM/KNX, UCM/CBUS, UCM/Dupline, UCM/Zwave, UCM/Universal etc provided the U2 EEPROM is present on the UCM PCB.

The UCM ID can be set using the SW7 (PRIMARY Rs485) shunts or DIP Switches A, B, C, D. The above photo shows SW7 as DIP switches 1,2,3,4

The photo below shows the older version of UCM with SW7 as shunts marked A,B,C,D
The two versions are compatible in function

In order to use the new ID setting method, the SW7 switches 1 to 4 must be in the OFF position (In the older UCM, shunts  A to D must be removed)
If any of the SW7 switches 1 to 4 are in the ON position (or shunts A to D are inserted), then the ID is determined by the switches or shunts in the old way.
The U2 EEPROM must also be present.

To check the ID of the UCM press the Copy Button. The ID of the UCM will be shown as a binary code on the LEDs D1 to D4 according to the table below

ID        D4 (ERR)   D3 (BUSY2)   D2 (BUSY1)   D1 (RDY)
1          Off               Off                    Off                   On
2          Off               Off                    On                   Off
3          Off               Off                    On                   On
4          Off               On                    Off                   Off         
5          Off               On                    Off                   On
6          Off               On                    On                   Off
7          Off               On                    On                   On
8          On               Off                    Off                   Off

In order to change the ID, press and hold COPY button for more than 2 seconds. This will cause the ID to increment from the current setting, causing the LEDs D1 to D4 to change. Press and release the COPY button to increment the ID until the desired ID is obtained. If the COPY button is not pressed for 2 seconds, the ID shown on the LEDs will become the new UCM ID and the UCM will be reset.

The D9 (RED) and D10 (GREEN) LEDs on the UCM should both be blinking if the ID is set correctly, see

The topic UCM Connection Settings in Comfigurator  shows how to connect to the UCM

If the U2 EEPROM is not present on the UCM, then this method cannot be used, and the  ID is determined by the SW7 shunts. All new UCMs will include the U2 EEPROM

To upgrade the UCM to the latest version (minimum 6.080) see

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