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New Products from Cytech
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 Posted: Wednesday Sep 14th, 2016 05:33 pm
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This is a summary of recent new developments and products from Cytech Technology

Security System Partitions

The Comfort security system can now support up to 4 Partitions, ie like 4 security systems with independent arming and disarming, entry zones, keypads. and users.This is suitable for villas with separate entrances for a flat, or a garage, or in an office with separate store entrance. For more information, see

Intelligent RIO Automation
This is a new product for Automation only which can be in a system or standalone

It is a baseboard with 2 x 0-10V outputs. It has 2 slots where submodules can be plugged in. The submodules include
  • 4 relays with NO/NC contacts or with digital Inputs
  • 2 Dual Lighting control modules for 2 way switches with direct current sensor inputs
  • 4  Digital I/O
  • 2 blinds controls direct AC control without external blinds controller
  • 4 IR outputs with current sensor Inputs direct connection
Each submodule can select programmable functions, including Temperature sensor, Light sensor,  Current sensor, 0-10V Inputs

The ability to select submodules and functions makes it very flexible. Programmng is also very simple as Responses are not needed to control these functions. Instead it works by mapping to Counters, Flags and Sensors. So it can work with KNX, C-Bus, Zwave, Modbus etc by mapping to the same flags, counters and sensors. The ability to have Analog Inputs and Outputs is one of the features of IRIO. For more infomation, see


The UCM/Logic is just like a UCM but it acts like a Controller. Think of it as a Comfort wthout Inputs and Outputs,  alarm , telephone or Voice. You can plug in RS232, Ethernet, or USB submodule directly to it,. with ETH03 it cannects to the network and can use our android or iOS apps or program with Comfigurator. The main function of the UCM/logic is to work with HIO and IRIO as a controller. It can also work with all UCMs eg KNX, Cbus, Zwave and eHome. For more info, see

LGX01 Logic Engine
The LGX Logic Engine is an Automation Controller without alarm or voice functions. It has 8 inputs and outputs and is expandable by Slaves, LEMs and IRIO. It is a Comfort without alarm at a lower cost

With LGX01, the ETH03 submodule can be directly plugged in to the PCB. This ETH03  interface is equivalent to a UCM/ETH03 so another UCM is not needed for programming by Comfigurator or access by the Comfort iOS and Android Apps

This is the 3rd generation of KNX Interface which is easier to program by mapping to Flags, Counters, Virtual Inputs, sensors, Outputs. UCM/KNX2 can work with LGX01, Comfort and UCM/Logic Controllers

UCM/Modbus (Under Development)
This is a UCM interface to Modbus. The same module can be programmed to be a modbus server or client. This allows Comfort, UCM/Logic or LGX01 to be interfaced to many systems as Modbus is the most popular  communications interface for Industrial applications

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