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Comfort Training Rig/Evaluation Kit
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 Posted: Saturday Dec 17th, 2011 08:12 am
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We have developed a new Training Rig on which Comfort, Keypad (KP06), UCM, DP03. Ringer, UCM/GSM can be mounted on both sides

A similar frame has been used in the Training courses in London and elsewhere which can be seen at

This is a lower cost and more compact version which we can now make available for Comfort installers, with part number TRG01, see on the cytech website. It can be purchased on its own.

The new form of the Evaluation Kit is now based on using this training rig frame. Its part number is EV002. See this on the Cytech website

On one side is mounted Comfort Controller PCB CM9000-ULT with RGR05 Ringer and KP06. On the other side are UCM/USB, UCM/GSM, DP03.
Zone Test switches allow Inputs to be simulated by pressing the buttons. Jumpers can select each switch as Normally Open or Normally Closed.

Test Lamps connected to the outputs allow testing of pulse and latching outputs and visual indication of Transmitted IR Signals.

A 18V DC wall mount power adaptor is supplied with UK, EU or Australian plugs. This is plugged in the same terminal block as the transformer.

The EV002 is priced so that the cost is that of the components only, which means the Training Rig frame becomes free.
This is more convenient for training as well as testing and programming of configurations on the bench, as it is prewired and is preprogrammed. It is light and very portable, being able to fit in a suitcase. Test configurations can be written to the system using the UCM. The whole frame can sit horizontally or vertically or can be flat on the bench which is very convenient.

This should be an essential tool for every installer.


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