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Introducing Scenarios in Comfigurator
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 Posted: Sunday Mar 6th, 2011 03:38 am
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Cytech is pleased to announce the new Scenario Feature in Comfigurator 3.2.7 (currently in Beta). see

A Scenario is a collection of Events and Responses which implement a certain function in Comfort. For example an Intruder Alarm can be programmed to cause all the lights in the house to turn on or to flash on and off. If this is often used in your installations, it can be exported as a Scenario. A Scenario can be imported into a new or existing configuration to add the programmed functionality to Comfort.

A tutorial and example of exporting and importing a scenario is on the forum at

This will allow a Scenario Library to be built up with contributions from users,  installers as well as the Cytech Tech Support team. It will help to simplify programming and allow more complex programming to be accessible.

Comfigurator is the software configuration tool used to  program Comfort.

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