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User Code Lost
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 Posted: Wednesday May 17th, 2006 03:47 pm
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If users other than User 1 (Master code) forget their codes, go to Program Menu 5 to delete the user number and add the user again. Program Menu is accessed by entering user 1 code (and # key) and pressing 9.
If the  User 1 code is lost, the Engineer can get into program Menu by Pressing F+0, then Engineer code(default 6789)  followed by # key, and then 9 for Program menu.
Then press 5 for User Codes and 2 to erase User. Select User  1
This erases all user codes and defaults user code to 1234

Add other  users again in the normal way, ie Program Menu 5, 1 to add user code

The Comfort Reference Manual has a Flowchart for Voice Menu at the back, see

You can also change the user codes in Comfigurator, if you know one other user code or the Engineer Code.

Go to Security / User Codes

Enter the new codes on the selected user on the right pane
Press Write User Codes link on the right
If you have not logged in, Comfigurator will ask for a user code

If you know one of the  user code, log in with the user code
If you know the engineer code (default 6789) Presss F0 on the keypad before you log in with the Engineer code

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 Posted: Saturday Sep 29th, 2012 11:20 am
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I have a comfort alarm in my house and I wish to change the cell number which the alarm dials out when the alarm is triggered/ set off and phones my wifes phone.  I was reading the comfort 11 user manual and trying to change telephone numbers but cannot follow the manual or your description above by pressing F+1, ENGINEER CODE AND 9 ,  which does nothing only beeps??  Please help..  I do not have the user 1 MASTER code..


When you say add the user again at the end of this description do you mean a new contact mobile monitoring number.

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 Posted: Sunday Sep 30th, 2012 03:41 am
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The original topic shows how to delete and re-enter a lost user Code
Your question is on how to change a Phone Number

This is explained in Quick Start Guide which you can download from

See the relevent topic

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