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Duress Code
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 Posted: Monday Aug 24th, 2015 05:37 pm
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A Duress code is used to disarm the security system when someone is forcing you to

Entering a Duress code will disarm the security system, but it will do a dial out to the programmed phones in the Duress Alarm Type.

The Duress code in Comfort is any user code +/- 2

eg for user code 1234, the duress codes are 1232 and 1236 and # key
If you enter the wrong code, try again. dont forget to enter the # key

To program the dial out for Duress Alarm, go to Security Types > Alarm Types > Duress Alarm, and enabled the Dialout checkbox and the checkboxes for the phones 1 to 8 which should be called for this alarm

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