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Using the Comfort Keypad
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 Posted: Saturday Nov 22nd, 2014 01:09 pm
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There are different types of  Comfort keypads available.

For example.
KP06 with different Frames can be mounted horizontal or vertical

KP04 Vertical

KP05 Horizontal

KT03 Touchscreen Keypad

They have the same basic operation, although the KP06 and KT03  have more advanced settings

The Comfort Quick Start Guide and User Manual can be downloaded from

The illustration below shows the features of KP04, but can be applied to the other keypads

The meaning of the 5 leds at the bottom are shown below

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 Posted: Saturday Nov 22nd, 2014 01:52 pm
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Arming and Disarming by keypad
For information on how to arm and disarm the security system, go to

The keypad can also be used to perform functions using the F key

Changing the User Code (F,7)
Press F,7 on the keypad.
The keypad says "Please  Sign in". Enter your existing code and # key eg 1234#
The keypad then says "Enter new code and # key". Enter the new code 4 to 6 digits and # Key.
The keypad says "To confirm, enter new code and # key".  Enter the new code again and # key.
If the new code is accepted, the keypad says "Sign in code OK" and "Thanks you goodbye"
if the code re-entry does not match the 1st code entered, the keypad will ask for a new code until 2 successive codes match.
The code should be changed from the default code 1234 as son as possible.
Note that this can be used to change any users code, incuding the Engineer Code

Bypass Zones (F,1)
Bypassing a zone means to de-activate the zone so that it cannot cause an alarm. This may be done because the zone is faulty or the zone eg PIR is causing false alarms. A zone is bypassed temporarily only until the system is disarmed. When the system is disarmed, al bypassed zone are unbypassed automaticallly.
Press F,1 on any keypad. The keypad says
"please sign in". Enter your user code and # key.
"Bypass, Enter zone number and # Key". Enter the zone number 1 to 96 and # which is to be bypassed.
The keypad says eg "Bedroom window, bypass Off, press 1 for On, 0 for Off"
Press 1 to bypass and 0 to unbypass.
The keypad says
"Bypass On.
enter zone number and # key". Enter new zone to bypass another zone of F to end

Test Menu (F,3)
See for instructions on the Tset Menu for testing Comfort

Event Log (F,5)
Press F,5 to announce the Event Log which records the security events (1000 events for Comfort Ultra)
The Event log is announced  in the format;

January 24 7:00 PM System Armed
8:53 PM Intruder Alarm
8:53 PM Kitchen Window
8:53 PM Phone Number 1
8:54 PM Monitoring Station OK
8:54 PM Phone Number 3
8:54 PM Phone Call Sign In.. John
9:05 PM Front Door
9:05 PM Entry Alert
9:05 PM John Sign In Code OK
9:05 PM Security Off

Press 1 for Next
2 for Previous
3 for Next Day
4 for Previous Day
0 for 1st
9 for last

The keys 0,1,2,3,4,9 can be used to navigate through the event log to find the event occurring at any date and time.
Another way to read the event log is by Comfigurator > Transfer > Read Event Log. Comfigurator allows you to save the event log as well.

Recording a Message (F,4)
Press F,4 to record a message for any user.
If there are more than 1 user, the keypad says
"Press 1 for user 1 *(name) , 2 for user 2 *(name), etc..
To record a message for user 1, press the 1 key.
The keypad says "Leave your message after the tone...(beep)". The MIC red led will turn on while recording.
The message is terminated by any key or when the maximum recording time is reached (default 60 seconds).
The MSG led will light up steady when there is a new message. The MSG leds blinds when there is a new message recorded by an incoming caller on the Comfort answering machine.
When the MSG led is on, press the # key to hear who the new message is for.
The keypad says
"New message for User N *(name)"

To hear the new message, enter the user code and # key for the  user.
Each user can only access the message which is meant for that user, and not for other users.
The keypad will play the new message or messages
The menu will announce
"Press 2 for saved messages, 3 to erase saved messages, 4 to record messages, 5 for reminders, 6 for answering machine, # for previous menu"
Press F to end any menu
A new message that has been played will automatically become a Saved message. When the message memory is full of saved messages, the oldest saved message is deleted, so there is no need to delete saved messages manually

Intercom with other keypads (F,8)
Press F,8 to intercom with other keypads in the premises
The originating  keypad will turn on its microphone and can talk to all other keypads. All other keypads can hear what is said by the person on the originating keypad but the originating keypad cannot hear the other keypads. This works like a broadcast like a PA system at this stage.
If any user wants to talk to the originating keypad, just press the 0 key on any  keypad. This shuts off other keypads and allows the responding keypad to talk. Now the originating keypad can hear but cannot talk. Each party can talk by pressing key 0  on their keypad. This is known as simplex  modde where 1 party can talk at a time. Press F on any keypad to end

To talk to one selected keypad, go to any other keypad and press F,8 followed by the keypad number, eg F,8,5 to talk to Keypad 5. Keypad 5 will then hear the originating keypad and can press 0 to talk back.

Change Phone Numbers (F,6)
Please refer to the Quick Start Guide for instructions on changing the programmed phone numbers via keypad. see

The preferred way of changing phone numbers is by using Comfigurator

Home Control Menu (F,2)
Press F,2 to go to the Home Control Menu
This is a customised voice menu which allows you to control the lights or appliances linked to Comfort, if this has been configured and installed.

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