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Communications Failure..
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 Posted: Friday Jun 2nd, 2006 01:52 pm
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"Communications Failure (ID)" is  announced by the keypad on signing in, when Comfort loses communications with one of the Comfort devices on the Comfort RS485 Bus. The ID announced tells you which device has lost communications

ID = 18 to 24 are for UCMs 2 to 8 (UCM 1 does not report communicatiosn Failure as this is normally reserved for the UCM used for programming)

ID = 33 to 35 are for Slaves 1 to 3

ID = 49 to 53 are for Door Stations 1 to 3

ID = 65 to 72 are for Keypads 1 to 8

ID = 81 to 88 are for RIO (Remote Input/Output modules) 1 to 8

The LCD keypad will display the device name rather than the number when there is a communications failure so you need not decipher the numbers

The reasons for losing communications include

  • a fault in the wiring,
  • a fault in the module itself, 
  • disconnection of the device,
  • setting the wrong ID in the device 
  • having the same ID setting in two devices of the same type, 
  • setting more deices in Comfigurator Modules and Settings than the number of devices of that type installed
If all devices report communications failure then it may indicate a fault in the Comfort main board itself

When the fault has been rectified or the device reconnected, the keypad will report Communications Failure (ID) restored

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