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Alert and Perimeter zones
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 Posted: Friday Mar 28th, 2008 11:18 am
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Alert and Perimeter zones help to filter false alarms in Comfort
If a zone is defined as an Alert Zone Type, then when armed, activation of the zone will not cause an alarm until a different Alert zone is also activated within 10 minutes.

Perimeter zones Types behave in a similar way, except that a Perimeter zone followed by an immediate or Alert zone will activate the alarm, but not if only Perimeter zones are activated. Perimeter zones can be used on the outside of a protected area, and Alert zones on the inside.

Alert and Perimeter zones are usually Motion detectors, and this scheme works best when there are sufficient motion detectors installed in a property

As a security measure, when the telephone line is cut when while an alert zone is active, there will be an immediate alarm. If a telephone line is not connected to the system, please check "Ignore Line Cut " box in Security > Configuration Flags, otherwise a single alert zone will cause Intruder Alarm

To assign a zone as Alert, go to Security > Zones/Inputs, select the Zone and select Zone Type as Alert Away or Alert Night/Away. Alert Away means the zone type is active in Away Mode only. ALert Night Away means the zone type is active in Night and Away (and idle in other modes)

For Perimeter zones, assign to Perimeter Night Away or Perimeter Away

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 Posted: Wednesday Jun 29th, 2011 08:35 am
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Can you add this in the Help file? Thanks.

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