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Security Check on Keypad
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 Posted: Saturday Mar 5th, 2016 11:30 am
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Security Check is a tool to test all the security inputs like Door and window contacts, tamper, motion detectors (PIRS), smoke detectors and anything connected to Comfort Inputs/Zones and with programmed non-null Zone Types

Activate by pressing F,3,2 on any keypad.

The keypad says "Security Check" and announces all open zones on all keypads.

When any door or window, Tamper, or motion sensor or other input is opened, the keypads announce the name of the zone eg "kitchen window", "Front Door"

The words announced are the phrase words programmed into the zone eg "front door" "landing movement"

The zones  triggered are also displayed on the keypad LCDs

If the zone words are not programmed, the zone number is announced instead, eg "zone 1", "zone 2" etc

Zone Trouble is also announced eg Zone 2 Trouble"

24 hour zones are announced without causing alarms

Press F to end Security check on any keypad

Announcement is very useful compared to LCD display of zones because you do not need to be near a keypad to look at the LCD - the announcements can be heard further away from the keypad especially if there are several keypads in the premises (which should be the case for a properly designed installation)

Also see Guide to Testing the Security System

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