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 Posted: Tuesday Nov 29th, 2011 09:18 am
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palmlodge wrote: The question you should perhaps ask is - what changed between 5.218 and 5.235 as 5.218 appeared to be OK.

I never received an answer for this - you guys tell me if it's been fixed, not the other way around please.

 Posted: Tuesday Nov 29th, 2011 09:55 am
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I am sorry we can only tell you that it has been fixed as far as we can find. There are no problems encountered so far

We did not manage to duplicate the problems that you found but we have made changes which we believe should have fixed the problem. We are not able to tell you that the problem you saw has been fixed. Only you can help to confirm it.

You may have found 5.218 did not have problems but we also fixed bug in that version which affected others

You mentioned at the start of this that you wanted to help to test any solution given by us

Ingo has been very helpful in giving feedback on the test versions that we out up and as a result we have made the changes based on his input.
I can tell you that a lot of time has been spent by our engineers in modifying and testing the firmware in order to try to capture and fix the problem, and I hope it can be appreciated.

By the way there is a bug in ULT 6.006 which affects the ability to arm Comfort by Cbus, which is not related to this discussion, so do not upgrade to 6.006

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