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Concatenation Gotcha
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 Posted: Thursday Jul 17th, 2008 08:39 am
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Nick Locke

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I am posting this so others have a chance of not being caught out like me.  My version of Ultra is quite old and therefore has the known limitation that the Counters below 128 react not only to C-Bus groups 0 through 127, but also react to 128 through 255.  This effectively means that I have only half of the Group Addresses within the Lighting Application available for use.

I have recently identified a need to have the status of some Comfort outputs visible to C-Bus.  I chose to do this by using responses to switch on Group Addresses in a C-Bus application (57) created for the purpose.  My choice of 57 follows Clipsal's recommendations.

That all works fine and I can see on/off messages for the outputs.

However, when I try to do things which affect both groups, I have discovered that this code (generated by Comfigurator):

CBUS Off 2 8 0 57
CBUS Off 2 22

or this code (manually written by me to try and fix the problem):

CBUS Off 2 8 0 57
CBUS Off 2 22 0 56

did not work as expected.  In both cases, the second command appears on C-Bus for Application 57 (not 56 as expected).

The fix is very simple - turn off the concatenation check-box against the UCM in Comfigurator.  This does not seem to have had any adverse effects, but I don't have any really lengthy C-Bus commands going out from Comfort.

This might be a bug, it might be expected behaviour, it might be fixed in a newer UCM version.  Thinking about it, it might even be a feature in Comfigurator when it turns "code" into "actions" and finds adjacent C-Bus commands.

I have found a fix that works for me.  As I said, have only posted to avoid anyone else having the same challenge.


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