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KP04A/KP06A Firmware History 7.002 to 7.007
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 Posted: Thursday Jan 4th, 2018 02:44 pm
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KP04A and KP06A firmware versions have the same numbering
7.007 (27 April 2018)
  1. Backlight turns on when the Keypad speaker comes on to make an announcement or in voice menu. The backlight is turned off after a few seconds when the speaker is turned off. This fixes the issue when the backlight turns off when arming or in voice menu or event log when no key is pressed. Pressing a key already turns on the backlight
  2. Backlight remains on in Setup mode (long press * key) so the backlight does not go off while doing setup

7.006 (12 July 2017)
  • Changed default “Keypad Tamper” setting from “Enable” to “Disable”. Most often,  kyepad tamper is not required at least until the system has been programmed. Hence the default is now Disable Tamper. This can be changed in the Settings Menu
7.005 (8 June 2016)
  • KP04A and KP06A supports 4 Partitions in Comfort security
7.004 (5 October 2015
  • After and alarm, and system has been disarmed, the  last alarm zone is shown
  • After the above, if any key is pressed on same keypad or Comfort is armed again, the alarm message will be cleared. The 1st key pressed is otherwise ignored
  • Supports showing new device range (eg. HIO) in trouble messages. Requires Vocab to be updated in Comfort
7.003 (13 April 2015)
  • Self test Upon reset, 4 LEDs (Disarmed, Armed, AC, Messages) are lighted up individually, followed by 1 soft and 1 loud beeps. 
7.002 (23 March 2015)
  • Production Release

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