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KP06 Firmware 6.007
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 Posted: Tuesday Feb 19th, 2013 02:32 am
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KP06 Firmware 6.007 (23 Jan 2013)
  1. Fix not showing own ID conflict when other ID conflict is triggered first.  Unable to enter keypad setting mode, as Engineer code is needed.
  2. Fix bug still displaying other device ID conflict when it has already recovered.
  3. Remove unused RS485 Command (84h)
  4. Add "485 Communication Status" command (92h).Other than displaying conflict  error message,  if it is own ID,  it shows ID and version. Otherwise, it shows the detected device ID.
  5. Changed boot-up error message from “Text Error” to “ID Conflict”.
    Was showing the wrong error message.  If there is no error, this error message should not be seen or just briefly.
  6. Ignore 20h and 21 commands when received.  Otherwise, this causes endless loops and may hang Comfort bus.

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