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KP06 Firmware 6.001
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 Posted: Wednesday Nov 7th, 2012 03:15 am
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  1. Renamed the setting page from "Alarm Broadcast" to "Voice Broadcast"
  2. All LCD pixels turn on for 2 seconds, upon boot-up.
  3. Improved LCD display handling. Improved an intermittent off-sync display problem
  4. Implemented  LEDs indication during KP06 firmware upgrading Home Off = stage 1, On = stage 2, Armed On = receiving data, processing received data., AC On = transmitting data.Message On = in flash operations.
Known Bugs
If a KP06 is installed at ID#1 and a 2nd KP06 is connected with the same ID without switching off the power, the ID of the 2nd KP06 cannot be changed using the * menu. The workaround is to reset Comfort. This applies to previous firmware
The latest KP06 Firmware can be downloaded from

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