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Bypass zone from KNX
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 Posted: Tuesday Aug 29th, 2017 12:42 am
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Hi all,
I am using KNX2 firmware 7.097 and I have now implemented a "Bypass" feature in my KNX visualisation: Group addresses are mapped with register type "Bypass Zone" to individual zones. This works fine so far.
The surprising thing is that this while bypassing from a keypad needs a sign in the KNX bypass telegram works without any prior sign-in, regardless of the arming status and even in Away mode. This means a possible intruder could actually disable the alarm system without any signing in by accessing the KNX bus and sending to the correct group adresses.
Is there any way to make Comfort require a sign-in for a KNX bypass, similar to the "Need Code" setting for the keypad?

 Posted: Tuesday Aug 29th, 2017 08:28 am
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When controlling from KNX for security functions, the installer has to take into accopunt the risks accociated
It is not possible to have need code for KNX as this is a group address mapping. However for KNXC touchscreens, I belieeve you can put in a protected page where you need to enter a password to access the page

You can also not impleme nt the bypass zone as this is not really needed in most cases
Use the Force arm key to automatically bypass open zones when arming. That will be better than individually bypassing zones

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