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UCM/KNX Action Problem
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 Posted: Saturday Dec 5th, 2009 02:18 am
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There is a potential problem when using Comfigurator up to 3.1.3 with UCM/KNX
If the Number of UCMs in Modules and Settings is not set to include the UCM/KNX before doing the full write to Comfort then Comfigurator does not detect the UCM as KNX,  and thinks it is the older UCM/EIB. As a result the KNX actions to send telegrams to KNX will be incorrect because the UCM/KNX action format and that of UCM/EIB are different.
The Number of UCMs must be set correctly at the time the Responses are wriiten to Comfort.
To work around this problem, always first set the Number of UCMs in Modules and Settings to the required number and do a selective write to Comfort. Then you can do the full write.
If you find that sending telegrams to KNX does not work, close and open Comfigurator,  do another full write to Comfort with the same configuration. Since the Number of UCMs will be set correctly by the first write, the second write will write the Responses with KNX actions correctly

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 Posted: Friday Dec 11th, 2009 05:58 pm
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In the above problem, the workaround if actions do not work is to Close and open Comfigurator, load the file and do a full write to Comfort

If a 2nd full write is done after the 1st without closing Comfigurator, it will not do a Scan of the UCMs to detect the UCM/KNX

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