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Comfort 2nd Generation Android App for Tablet and Phone
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 Posted: Thursday Jun 19th, 2014 09:26 am
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The 2nd Generation Android apps for Tablet and Phone are now available from the Google Play store. This is an updated user interface with many functional improvements



Or just search for Cytech Comfort on the Play store

This does not replace the old 1st generation Comfort app on the phone and tablet. Both can coexist at the moment in the same device.
However the 1st generation Android Tablet and Phone apps have been removed from the App store for new installs

System Requirements:
  • Comfort
  • UCM/ETH03 7.048
  • Android OS 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) for Tablets
  • Android OS 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich) for Phones
Note that UCM/ETH02 is NOT supported although it may work with limited features

  1. Connect to multiple Comfort systems
  2. Arm and Disarm Security System using user codes
  3. See Zone Status in Real Time, ie door and windows, motion sensors
  4. Trouble Status - Phone Trouble, RS485 Communication Failure, Power Failure, Low Battery, Zone Trouble
  5. Alarms Status
  6. Control and see status of Lighting and Appliances  and 3rd party systems connected to Comfort
  7. View up to 4 IP Cameras
  8. Connect via Remote (Internet) or Local (LAN)
  9. Import configuration file into Phone - no programming required
Setting up UCM/ETH03
For UCM/ETH03, see instructions at
The UCM Firmware on the base board must be 7.048 minimum. The ETH03 firmware on the top submodule should be 2.0.6
UCM/ETH03 allows 2 simultaneous connections to Comfort via 2 separate ports.

The "Connection Timeout" in the software determines the idle time-out value in minutes (default 2 minutes). If the communications to and from Comfort is idle for this period, the app is logged out (disconnected) and there will be a message
"You Have been Logged Out". You will go back to the login screen to log in again

Setting Up your Android Phone
You must ensure that your Phone is connected to the correct WiFi network ie the same as your Comfort  UCM/Eth02. If you connect to the wrong network you will not only fail to connect but will experience temporary lack of response from the App while it tries to connect to a system that is not there.

By connecting your Comfort system to a WiFi network you are potentially opening up a security vulnerability. Ensure that your Wifi network uses the highest level of  security which is appropriate. Accessing Comfort from the Internet exposes the system to additional vulnerabilities.

Importing your cclx file into your app
The zones and Control Menu programmed by Comfigurator are saved as a .cclx file.
The IP Addresses for Local and Internet are also taken from the cclx file.
This information is exported into the Comfort app using  a web link.

In Comfigurator, go to File >> Convert cclx file for iOS/Android app or go to on your browser 

Enter your name in the first box.
Enter an email address that you can access on your phone. This must be an  email client and not a webmail using a browser
Browse to select  your cclx file (programmed using Comfigurator)
Select Android as Target.
The iPhone button is meant for the iPhone app

Press UPLOAD FILE when done.

Next, open the email app on your android phone or Tablet and read the email with the title  "Comfort Conversion Service".
Note that you must open the email using an email client and NOT using webmail by browser as that would not work

There is an attachment file with the extension .jrlccip eg myhome.jrlccip This is the same name as your cclx file except the extension is changed to jrlcccip

Open the attachment by tapping on it, eg "Dollhouse.jcrlccip" above
There will be a pop up box
"Open Using.."

The above screen assumes you have installed the 2nd generation Comfort Tablet and Phone apps (on the right) as well as the old versions on the left

Select "Comfort Tablet" or "Comfort Mobile" and press the "Just Once" button

Next, a window will pop up  "Select Configuration to Use"

In the example above, 4 profiles have been set up in the app setup page; doll, office, home, test.
By default when you first install the app, only the Default profile is seen

Select one of the profiles, eg Test. This loads the configuration into the selected profile

You can now exit the installer and open the app on the device

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 Posted: Thursday Jun 19th, 2014 06:11 pm
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Joined: Wednesday Aug 9th, 2006
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Open the app on your phone or tablet. Remember these are 2 different apps

Press the Setup button to go into the setup page

There are 2 sections: Main and Camera

The IP Addresses and Port numbers for Local and Remote are taken from the cclx file. You can change the IP addresses and port here, or preferably enter these in Comfigurator and re-export into the app.
Select either Local or Remote box.
"Local" means you are in the premises connected by wifi
"Remote" means you are out of the premises connected by Internet. This requires port forwarding on your router

On the Camera side,  select "InApp", "Basic", or Pro"
InApp means you can view the camera inside the app provided the camera is in the list of models supported. More cameras wil be added for in app support in future

"Basic" and "Pro" means that one of the  3rd party apps IP Camviewer Basic (free) or IP Camviewer Pro (paid) are used to set up and show the camera. This means that the 3rd party app will take control when you wish to view one of the cameras.

If you select InApp, up to 4 IP cameras can be set up. Select the Camera 1 to 4 and  select the Brand and Model from the dropdown list.

Enter the IP address and Port of the IP camera, and the user name and password for the IP Camera. Check  the box "Follow Comforts Remote setting" if the Internet IP address for the camera is the same as that of Comfort (which is normally the case unless the camera is on another network or another site)

Setup the other cameras and press Update or Done

 Posted: Thursday Jun 19th, 2014 06:20 pm
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Joined: Wednesday Aug 9th, 2006
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The Login screen is shown below

Take note of the text "Connected" below the setup and log-in buttons
"Connected" means that the app is able to connect to the UCM/ETH.
The profile selected is also shown below and local or Remote connection.
eg "Home@local" or "Office@Remote

If it is not able to connect, probably because the IP address or port is incorrect, or if there is already an active connection, the status will be "connecting.." or "not connected" or "data error"

UCM/ETH03 (ETH03 firmware 2.0.6) supports 2 ports for simultaneous connection, but only 1 connection can use each port at a time.

Press the Login button
If the user code has been entered into the Setup, the app will automatically log in. If the User code is not entered or has been removed then you will need to enter a user code

This is the Dashboard which is the landing page after you log in
Dashboard on the left shows Trouble conditions if any, otherwise the tick means all is well. If there are any trouble conditions, a red bar will open below one of the categories. The Zones states are seen in the centre. On the right, the Alerts area shows any alarm conditions which are active

Press the Security symbol on the top of any page to arm or disarm

If there are any open zones when arming, you can choose to cancel the arming or to force arm and auto bypass the open zones.

This is the control page, where you can see the state of your lights and appliances

If there are any group or scene, the icon shows "View Actions" which will show the acions available. There is no status shown for  the group or scene controls for obvious reasons

In Cameras page you can see up to 4 cameras. The in-app view is supported for certain cameras. the External IP Cam viewer app can also be selected.

 Posted: Thursday Jun 19th, 2014 06:21 pm
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The Camera image can be full screen for 1 camera or 4 cameras on the screen
This is the in-app camera setting using an Axis M1011 IP camera

Only 1 camera configured out of 4

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