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Aircon Control with Cbus
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 Posted: Wednesday Jan 4th, 2017 06:33 pm
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This is an example of using Cbus to control Aircons by IR signals via Comfort UCM/CBus

The attached cclx file has this example

Output 5 is connected to IR Transmitter to Aircon
Input 5 is connected to CSM03 current sensor for aircon live wire. This gives the On/off status of the aircon to the Input 5

Cbus Lighting Group Address 5 is mapped to Counter 5 in Cbus to Comfort. When a Counter is mapped to Cbus, it will trigger a Counter Response

Counter 5 Response sends IR code On or Off based on Cbus Group 5 On or Off command.
Input 5 is mapped to Cbus Group address 5 for feedback, map in Physical Inputs to Cbus, so that the aircon status will update the Cbus group address, ie the cbus switch status always shows the actual status of the aircon

This is a proven method, used in thousands of homes with Cbus and Comfort

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