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Example Use Case
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 Posted: Saturday Apr 21st, 2012 06:33 pm
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Here's an example in the Sample Plugin of a Slave Floorplan Monitor (see attached)

If you want to see the short AVI of this running then download this zip file containing the MP4 videa; was too big to post.

This is a simple case of the plugin requesting floorplan snapshots whenever the floorplan render event fires. I'm just taking the results and pushing to a new disconnected window. The red areas are for debug and showing the hotspots that you can also request for linkage with ClickResponses back to ComfortClient.

Imagine if you could use this to develop slave feeds for say remote panels, or for browser client running on the other side of the world or an application running on a iPad taking feeds from the network into Appleland. The plugin model opens up ideas like this! :)


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