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Which bell box?
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 Posted: Sunday Nov 2nd, 2014 05:04 pm
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Seeking others' opinions regarding a good bellbox to use with Comfort... I see there are loads of "how do I wire <such & such> bellbox to Comfort?..." questions dotted about the forums... many have poor wiring instructions with them, some require more hold-off power than Comfort can provide, and so on... just looking to avoid known poor or problematic choices...

I've also had much angst in the past with not being able to silence a bellbox when I genuinely needed to do something that would normally sound a full alarm (like removing the box to paint the house) or fully powering down Comfort to modify something in the panel... so an option to be able to silence the bell, either manually or with an auto-cutoff is very attractive..

Have just come across this one, which seems to tick all the right boxes:

Anyone used one of these? Anyone got any other recommendations for a bellbox that you've used and have been impressed with?


Paul G.

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